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DayZ Commander - Faq

How much does it cost?

We accept donations to help fund server costs and for those wanting to give back.

System Requirements?

A windows based computer with .NET Framework 4.0, Arma2, and Arma2OA.

Troubleshooting - Crash at startup

Here are a few things to try.

Troubleshooting - Losing internet connection/router crashing

DayZCommander puts performance first, but this can wreak havoc on older routers. Luckily, you have a couple of options to make things better.

Technical details: Your router has a NAT table that caches each individual endpoint (IP:Port). Pinging each one of the DayZ servers results in an entry added to that cache. Some routers have smaller tables than others, and when they get filled up, don't allow new endpoints to be used until the existing ones clear up. Newer/better routers have a much larger cache and are way less likely to see this problem.

Troubleshooting - Bad CD Key

If you purchased the game through Steam, you need to run Steam in administrator mode and run both Arma2 and Arma2OA once. See this link for more details

Troubleshooting - Stuck on waiting for server, Waiting for character to create, or Recieving Data(#StuckWaiting)

The servers are trying to handle massive amounts of players. You are most likely experiencing a temporary issue. But, if the problem persists, you can try one of these things.

Troubleshooting - Takes forever to join a game, stuck on waiting for host

The longer a server has been running without a restart, the slower a server will run. The problem also seems to be more common on servers with a large number of players.

I installed Arma2 with Steam, how do I get the overlay so I can talk with my friends?

Friends List

From the friends tab, you can simply add your friends based on their in-game player name. This does not require any verification from the other person. The friends list uses the player list provided directly from each server. Because DayZ player names don't have to be unique, some players might show up multiple times. It is also worth noting, the friends list is only as accurate as since the last time you "refreshed all servers".

How do the server times work, and why are they sometimes wrong?

DayZ servers don't provide this information directly, but server admins often place the current UTC offset in the server name.
DayZ Commander converts this to a more readible time and allows you to filter and sort on it. This also means, if the server name displays the wrong offset, the time will not be accurate in Commander.

How do the server settings work (3rd person, croshairs, etc), and why are they sometimes wrong?

When DZC queries the server, it only provides the difficulty level. Unfortunately, the difficulty is fairly useless, because it only defaults the server settings (3rd person, crosshairs, nametags, etc). The server admins can override any of these individual settings.

To counter this, most servers add their "actual" setting values to the server name. Ex: 3DP:1 or CH:0 (3rd person on and CrossHairs off, respectively). To determine each setting, DZC takes the default from the server difficulty setting and then anything in the server name overrides that.

The problem is that the server name might be outdated and be displaying an invalid setting. There is no perfect way to get the "truth" as of now. DZC just does it's best with the little knowledge it has.

What are the red/green/grey colors next to each server setting in the filter mean?

Green means the server has to have it, Red means the server doesn't have it, Grey means "I don't care"

Why don't you display and allow filtering of the difficulty setting?

Because it's pretty much useless, see the above answer.

Where can I learn more about DayZ?